BrookHill English Style Labrador Retriever Puppies in Washington State.

"If dog is man's best friend, then the Labrador Retriever must be his soul mate." ~ source unknown


Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting! BrookHill is a breeder of Labrador puppies in Western Washington State. We are a small breeder, producing only 3 or so litters of English style [see note below] Labrador puppies each year.  Every one of our adult Labs and puppies are house dogs and members of the family.

We carefully research our Labrador's pedigrees and know that they are from long lines of dogs bred by the best and most responsible breeders in the world. They are the breeders that you will learn of in books recounting the history of this wonderful breed - the ones that made the Labrador breed what it is today.

We carefully selected each of our Labs to be certain they compliment each other to ensure proper soundness, temperament or demeanor, and type. We usually feed home made dog foods or fresh frozen raw food to our Labs and puppies to ensure the healthiest possible puppies and in the hopes of extending their lives beyond what is normal for Labradors. Additionally, we strive to prevent the rapid growth that can result in many of the joint problems suffered today by some Retrievers.

We strive to place each of our Labrador puppies with loving families as pets, companions and family members.  We usually restrict the new families from showing and/or breeding their dogs.  The reason for this is that we believe it is our responsibility to assure that the qualities for which this amazing breed is known are maintained in all future litters.

The socialization a puppy receives during its first 12 weeks has as much of an impact on its temperament than genetics. For this reason, all litters of Labs we produce are kept inside our home where each of the puppies receive the care and all the affection they need to be happy and well-adjusted when we send them home with their new family.  During the first 10 to 12 days, we hold and cuddle each puppy for a few minutes every day. We continue to cuddle and start to play with them during the period in which their eyes and ears open. From 3 weeks to around 16 weeks is the most important period for bonding with people and socialization. Once they are 3 weeks or so, we play with them daily and allow them to run around and explore the house.


These BrookHill pups are 6 weeks old.

We encourage every family to visit regularly with our puppies until the day comes for them to take theirs home. We often invite the neighborhood children over to help us [under close supervision of course] socialize the puppies by exposing them to new and different people on a regular basis.

We stay in touch with most of the families who adopt one of our Lab puppies. We love keeping track of the babies and it helps in our breeding program to follow their progress.

There are many excellent web sites providing information for your Labrador Retriever. Here are a few we think you should visit:
Labrador Purebred
web site provides excellent information about health issues of concern for all Labrador Breeders and advice for Labrador owners.
web site provides information about purebred dogs and the AKC itself.
Cornell's Vet Site
provides diagnostic symptom support.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site and that you will find the information we have provided regarding choosing a puppy, a dog food, etc., useful. Please click here to read our puppy guarantee (items 5 & 6), which is part of our puppy agreement. Thank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy our website!


Ron Telken and MaryAnne Beauduin, Renton, Washington

Note: There is a misconception regarding the "English Labrador" vs the "American" Labrador. The difference between the two has to do with the purpose behind their breeding - rather than where they were bred - and the two "styles" can be found in all countries where you find Labradors.

The Lab often referred to as the "English" Labrador was bred to conform to the breed standard. They are a medium-sized but somewhat stocky dog with a broad skull and a calm temperament. These are the Labs you will see in the dog show ring.

The Lab bred for field is often referred to as the "American" Lab. The focus in their breeding is on their field and bird hunting ability rather than the breed standard. They vary quite a bit in appearance and often do not have the calm demeanor that people have come to expect from a Lab. While just as loving and loyal as the "English Lab", they are often hyperactive and can be difficult to train for the inexperienced.

Just a few of our favorite photos of our puppies

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English Labrador retrievers puppies WA
English Labrador breeders WA
English labrador puppies Washington
Lab retrievers breeders Washington
Lab retrievers puppies Washington
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Lab retrievers breeders Washington
Lab retrievers puppies Washington
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Lab retrievers breeders Washington
Lab retrievers puppies Washington
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