5 Reasons to Use a PowerPoint Template

A Microsoft PowerPoint template can make your presentations an easy task; the following are 5 reasons to use a PowerPoint template also known as a design template. When a template is loaded onto a presentation it is added to the presentation as Masters free google slides templates.

1. Font Continuity

When all the fonts look the same the presentation looks smooth, when different size fonts are used on different slides, it looks like some slides were missed.

2. Easy to change overall scheme

The design template can be changed within the presentation quickly via the master and all the slides in the presentation that use the master are updated as long as that item has not been manually changed. For example if you manually format a bullet list on slide 2 to be Georgia font then change the template in the presentation so all the bullet lists use Verdana, then all the slides that have not had the font changed will automatically update, slide 2 will stay Georgia font. This can be changed by re-applying the slide design

3. Corporate Presentation Continuity

A company presentation template can ensure that everyone who uses PowerPoint in the company create presentations that look similar.

4. Standard Animation

The Title and Bullet animation can be on the template level which means you do not have to add it later and all the animation is the same.

5. Speed of creating a presentation

The template contains the background and the font styles. They can even have animation settings. Just add the text. When a new slide is added to the presentation it will already have the background applied and the text is in the desired colours and fonts. When making changes, the master should be changed.

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