Unlimited Enjoyment – Fishing At Puerto Vallarta

Fishing is my favourite pastime. Every weekend I am ready with fishing kit and go to a nearby lake for fishing. Ever since I realised my passion for fashion, I always fascinated deep sea fishing. And whenever I get opportunity, I make sure I go to Puerto Vallarta to experience it. There’s a reason why I and my friends prefer Puerto Vallarta for fishing and that is here’s tranquilising ambience coupled with exotic species of fishes. Regardless season, you can always look forward to hunt some of the best species of fishes in the gigantic Mexican sea Magnet fishing

During the winters, you can explore some rare and exotic species and make them part of your cuisine. Mahi-Mahi is the most common species found here. The fishes available in this part of year usually thrive in cool waters and they become pretty active. Salfish is another species that is commonly found in the winter. Wahoo is popular species, which is mostly found in late winter i.e. in the month of January.

Soon after the weather heats up, and spring season knocks the door, the sea is full of other different varieties of fishes. In spring, you will find some of the finest Jack Crevalle fishes. They are available mostly from late February to April. The months of March and April are very suitable to catch Red Snapper. If you plan to catch Amberjack, the best months are April and June. Summers are bit boring for fishing. But still you can gratify your fishing thirst by catching a bucket of tuna, which is available throughout summer. The mid-summer is suitable to catch exotic fishes such as Grouper. These fishes are found in plenty at this time.

But the best time to experience deep sea fishing in Puerto Vallarta is fall. The ocean is filled with fish species with some fattening up for the winter and some shifting to warmer regions. To catch fishes like blue and black marlins, you need to come here in the months of September and November. However, marlins are available along with sailfish, wahoo and tuna in the month of December as well.

To catch fishing such as rooster fish, pargo and Margo, you don’t need to worry about the season. They are available in plenty throughout the year. But these fishes are not as famous as abovementioned fishes. It’s notable that these fishes are relatively not in plenty but still you have high scopes of catching them.

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